Sista’s Say ‘Surely You Jest’: Having Rear Curvature and Dark Skin is Only ‘Beautiful’ On A White Girl?

white girl booty in vanity fair
Congrats Jen, this ain’t about you girl, just the trend you appear to represent.

*Hey, never let it be said that I, of all persons, have anything against somebody doing what they feel they “gotta do” to market themselves. It’s a tough world, the competition to be recognized for your attributes – no matter what they are – is fierce because, well, it just is.

But here’s the thing, some of the attributes natural to many African American women are only now being recognized as beautiful because white woman consider it so.

Case in point: Big booties, large lips, and dark skin.

Now just looking at that makes you think of African American women right? If you’re being honest with yourself, your answer is yes.

Why then, are these now being recognized as positive reflections of beauty because white women have began to flaunt them?


You might want to read this.

Whereas before, black women were downright ridiculed with labels such as “she’s got a ghetto butt,” or “too much junk in da trunk,” etc. over recent years, as more Caucasian women (at least those not graced with these attributes naturally) get lip and butt injections for enhancement ; not to mention the overwhelming profits now being made by tanning salons, it appears black beauty has become beautiful on white women.

Only in America, right?

What brings this on is a recent Vanity Fair feature where a New York native, a Jewish girl named Jen Selter, is shown in a two-page spread called “Rear Admirable.”

white girl vf articleThis feature, or rather the message VF appears to be sending because of it, has some crying foul.

Selter, 20, was made Instagram famous by posting #belfies—butt selfies—on the photo sharing site in an attempt to be the next Jillian Michaels and encourage other women to work out. Selter’s photos have turned her into a social media darling and many have declared she has the best bootay on instagram.

Carimah Townes of Think Progress argues Selter’s Vanity Fair feature “rejects people of color” and shows the glossy is still “stuck in the past” because women of color are rarely celebrated for their shapely physiques.

Townes writes:

In an article comically entitled “Rear Admirable,” Vanity Fair showcases social media sensation Jen Selter, who skyrocketed to fame after posting photos of her butt on Instagram. The pictures used in the spread include a backside shot of Selter in a black corset, and another of the model in 1940s-inspired, fishnet lingerie. The accompanying text describes Selter as a “member of a rapidly rising subset of Instagram stars: young women unafraid to share their deeply bronzed, sculpted figures.”

The takeaway message is that showing off curves in a public way is not only a new phenomenon, but looking darker, “or bronzed,” is the new way to be beautiful. It’s a breath of fresh air to see curves and darker skin tones applauded by a world-renowned publication, but disappointing that Vanity Fair used a white Jewish woman to convey a newly-accepted norm.

Although Townes concedes that women of color aren’t the only ones with round derrières, she asserts Vanity Fair “perpetuates the idea that curves are new, trendy, covetable accessories” (kinda like Kendall Jenner’s “bold braids”), while “dismissing women of color whose curves existed long before it was fashionable to have them, and whose bodies have been critiqued throughout history.”

Read more of this article and its much- needed dialogue at clutchmagonline.


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  1. I dont care what these white girls do. They will never have the melanin that I carry and THAT makes all of the difference.

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