Love Ya RiRi, But If That Screen Behind You Could Talk It’d Probably Say, ‘All Butt Cracks Look Alike!’ (Photos)

Rihanna butt in the air

*Looking at the picture above, do you wonder what Rihanna is thinking as she stares right into the camera with her legs seemingly parted and boo-tay high up in the air? On second though, how would a strong wind affect the thoughts of the crew?

We’ve already imagined what the screen behind her would say if it could talk.

One thing you have to admit about RiRi is, she’s always giving us something to think about…whether its what the heck is going on between you and Drake? Do you ever speak to Chris Brown on the low, and will you ever truly forgive him for beatin’ your ass? Or, since we’ve seen every part of your gorgeous bod by now, what’s next?

On second thought, do we really want to know?

What’s a girl of Rihanna’s stature doing a shoot like this for? It’s not like she has something to prove.

Are these things still on her Bucket List:

Acquire stardom.


Compete with Beyoncé.

No need. You’re younger, just as talented, and beautiful.

I guess I’ll repeat the words of a colleague,

Maybe she’s just an exhibitionist!

Rihanna: Baby-girl, even YOU look bored here

So that brings us to her latest, uh, exhibition: Here, she’s on the set of a Los Angeles photo shoot; wearing nothing but a skimpy top and a suntan line that suggests there was a bottom at one time.

Rumor has it the photo shoot is for a French magazine. Ah, there you go! You know how those French people love naked bodies!

All I can say at this point is, its a good thing the guy pouring on the water is bending down and wearing loose shorts 🙂

Oh joy! Here’s more pictures from Rihanna herself. Enjoy!

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