Robber Targets Special Needs Woman at Detroit Gas Station and No One Helps Her

Shakira Magee
Shakira Magee


*While standing at a Detroit gas station waiting for a nearby store to open, Shakira Magee says she was robbed and although there were people in the gas station, nobody helped her – even after they realized she was deaf.

The incident occurred at the gas station on Telegraph and Six Mile roads, when a man came up and tried to speak with her. Shakira motioned that she could not hear him because she is deaf, and said the man smiled and left.

But then he came back.

Shakira was texting when he returned and said the man pushed her, snatched her phone and then took off in a car.

She remembers crying and asking for help; and even wrote a note and gave it to the gas station clerk, asking him to call 911.

But according to her, the clerk just shrugged it off; even though Shakira says she made it very clear she needed help.

Souna Hadi, the manager at the gas station, tells FOX 2’s Robin Murdoch the clerk did not call 911 because Magee left before he could get her contact information.

Magee says she was afraid the man would return, so she admits she walked home scared and confused. She says she never reported the incident because she feared police wouldn’t find it important.

According to Hadi, the incident is on surveillance video and will be released when a police report has been made.

In the end, Magee hopes awareness will come from this.

“Why didn’t someone step up and help me and just call the police? It’s as simple as dialing the phone,” she says.

The manager at the gas station says they keep a notebook behind the counter in case of a situation like this. He adds his employee was overwhelmed by what was happening at the time and they all plan to learn from this.

To learn more and see the video report, visit Fox 2 News Headlines

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