Whoa! A Pastor Calling Women ‘Hoes’? Is This Acceptable?

Pastor Andy Thompson
Pastor Andy Thompson


*News from the pulpit…Or should I say judgment from the pulpit? I suppose that, as according to pastor Andy Thompson, we’d have to step back and recognize his intent.

The pastor of the World Overcomers Christian Church in Durham, North Carolina, finds himself in hot water over something he recently posted on Twitter. He reportedly told women that if they did not want their man or husband to look at other women, they should shine more and not let the “hoes” or whores beat them to their man.

Thompson placed the tactless tweet on April fools day this year and while some were caught up in the “April Fool’s” spirit and believe he was too, as for others...Not so much.

Like writer, speaker, activist and poet Taurean Brown, who edits the blog blacksankofa.

Brown wrote that Thompson should never have used the word “hoes,” not even if he was referring to those women who make a living selling their bodies for sexual purposes. He added that it was a very derogatory term to be used for any woman.

Brown says that this pastor of a church with 10,000 members should humble himself, own up to his blunder and immediately apologize to women.

And apparently the pastor did just that (though no one but the pastor knows if the move was initiated on his own or because of Brown).

The pastor posted a video on YouTube, and he also deleted his twitter post that same day.

In the video, Thompson says that he is so sorry for his careless remarks about women and asks for their forgiveness before saying he believes that he has been misunderstood.

To read more on this story, visit Christian News.

2 thoughts on “Whoa! A Pastor Calling Women ‘Hoes’? Is This Acceptable?”

  1. In my opinion, Pastor Thompson was out of order and out of line. He spoke out his own general view of women. Now he is back tracking because he is being rebuked for his careless and silly comments. Look , just because a Pastor mounts the pulpit and takes the mic, doesn’t make everything he spews out -right or correct. Pastors, when you mess-up, then fess-up. The pulpit is no place for ego-tripping and un-wholesome speech. Would they want their own mother or wife to be addressed in that fashion? I think not! But, those “Hoes” (coming after your man) wouldn’t be women of God anyway. There are no Spirit Filled “Hoes”. Also, a “Hoe can only be a “Hoe” if there is a Male “Whoremonger” in the mix. How bout that? If there are women in the church like that then allow the seasoned women of God to teach them about a Christian lifestyle and Deliverance. Pastor`s, please return to God and preach the Gospel. If you haven’t been spending time with God, this is what will come out of your silly mouths. If you want your wives to “SHINE” then, you “SHINE” first, and perhaps that will inspire your mate. Whether she “SHINES” or not, you picked her . You have no excuse to wander. Preach the Word of God Pastors and stop being distracted by your own inner weaknesses. Besides, who wants to “go through” all week then get to church on Sunday morning and the Pastor is imitating a Jack-Ass?

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