Pittsburg Cops Claim They Received 27 Urgent Calls From Former Mayoral Candidate’s Residence

Pittsburgh 911 mystery calls*Gosh, what on earth do you do when a swarm of police officers come to your house with claims that they keep receiving 911 calls from you; 27 of them to be exact.

And what if you have some level of notoriety, say, as a former mayoral candidate?

And what if you didn’t make the calls in the first place?

I know, that’s a lot of “what ifs” but its exactly what happened to A.J. Richardson (the former candidate for mayor) and his wife, Felicia.

Pittsburgh police say that over the last five weeks, cops have responded to 27 urgent 911 calls that appear to be coming from inside the couple’s home.

But the Richardson’s insist the calls aren’t coming from their house.

By law the police can’t ignore 911 calls.  So now, a constant police presence outside the home at 3056 Bergman St. has become a normal occurrence to Richardson’s neighbors, according to CBS affiliate KDKA2.

The home is occupied by Richardson, his wife, and their 2 children. 911 dispatchers say the last call placed from the home sounded like a woman and a young child in distress.

When police arrived, Richardson refused to let them inside without a warrant but said, “We understand that you have a job to do.”

About an hour later, over a dozen officers returned to the house with a warrant and swarmed into the residence. They found nothing.

Pittsburgh home invasion“There is no other female in this home except for me and I’m not being detained; not being strangled; not being beaten; not being held at gunpoint; not being assaulted at all,” said Felicia. “And my children are not calling 911 saying that they are in distress, missing, or whatever,” she added.

Felicia said her telephone service provider investigated the calls and they came up with nothing.

It’s wearing and tearing on me and my family mentally, spiritually and emotionally,” said A.J. Richardson.

A police spokeswoman told KDKA News that the bureau is investigating its options. She reiterated that the 911 calls can not be ignored. KDKA reports that the Allegheny district attorney’s office is also in on the investigation.

Thanks to Sandra Rose for excerpts in this article.

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  1. Why don’t they just change their phone number??? Wow this is a no brainer — just common sense!!!

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