‘Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You’…And It Did! Road Rage Accident Caught on Tape (Watch this!)

road-rage-accident-550x408*It may be the 6th verse in John Lennon‘s iconic song, “Instant Karma,” but it became a reality check in an instant for one man consumed by road rage recently.

Lennon sings,

Instant Karma’s gonna get you
Gonna knock you off your feet
Better recognize your brothers
Everyone you meet

 …and it was all caught on tape!

While appearing to drive along minding her own business, a Tampa woman encountered a man with a serious case of road rage. The man began tailgating her for awhile and then decided to pass her and even shot her the bird.

But the road was wet and slippery from a recent rain and this fools car went careening off into a ditch. The woman, laughing, had filmed the entire scene on her cell phone and uploaded the video to the Internet.

The video went viral and gained over 6 million views on YouTube.

Some viewers accused the woman of instigating the tailgater by tapping her brakes and speeding up so he couldn’t pass her. Accusations that she denies.

She wrote:

“This pathetic excuse for a human being tailgated me for about three minutes. I couldn’t move over because there were trucks in the right lane, and I sure as heck wasn’t going to speed on a rainy day with the roads being as slick as they were. Now bear in mind, that this guy had already passed a truck in a left turn lane, was tailgating and driving recklessly on a wet slick road, wasn’t paying attention, and all in all being an ignorant ass. Not once was I mouthing off, I never brake checked him, and in fact until I watched the video after the accident I didn’t even know he shot a bird at me because I wasn’t looking at him at all, I was paying attention to the road while holding the phone up with my right hand.”

She added:

“Massive props to the Sheriffs Department and most especially the Highway Patrol who responded to the scene. This moron could have easily killed somebody with his moronic behavior, and my laughing at the end would have been replaced with tears. Needless to say though, I’ve never seen Karma come back so fast.”

Thanks to Sandra Rose.com for information in this article

3 thoughts on “‘Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You’…And It Did! Road Rage Accident Caught on Tape (Watch this!)”

  1. LOL!!! No better for his dumb ass!
    So grateful nobody got hurt because of this idiot psychopath
    So glad the lady filmed him and put him out there
    I hope the truck was totaled and he had no insurance
    And I hope he choked on his tobacco juice, good ole boy that he is
    I could watch this a thousand times

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