Facebook ‘Friend’ Robs Woman’s Home While She’s Away on Vacation

Robbers, Facebook*Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. So you got thousands of people following you on social media. Get this through your head: These people are NOT your friends!

One California woman learned this lesson the hard way.

Stacey Grant posted a note on Facebook telling friends that she and her family were away on vacation in Las Vegas. Hours later, a U-Haul was at her front door, with three men stealing everything they could get their hands on.

It can happen to anyone. You put up a post and someone “Likes” it. This is what Michael Batson, 21, did after the status update Stacey posted went up.

He went a step further and text messaged her, inquiring about her trip with her family in Las Vegas, Nevada.

But police say they saw Batson and two others — Phillip McKnight, 32, and Tyrone Gibson, 20 — as they loaded property from the woman’s Fontana home into a U-Haul truck parked outside.

They got suspicious because it happened at 3a.m.

Stacey Grant
Stacey Grant

Grant said she had posted a note on Facebook that she was enjoying a vacation with family in Vegas. But she soon found out that her info had been used by one of her online “friends” to burglarize her home.

“It was hurtful,” Grant told KNBC-TV. “My whole room was trashed. There were clothes everywhere. My bed was gone.”

Officers sitting on a stakeout nearby spotted the three men break into the Windcrest Drive home and patiently watched as they loaded up the truck with items that included flat screen televisions and furniture.

Stacey's room
Stacey’s room was a mess

All three men were arrested at the scene and police called Grant’s family, who cut their vacation short and headed home right away.

The suspects were booked on charges that include burglary, possession of stolen property and conspiracy.

11 thoughts on “Facebook ‘Friend’ Robs Woman’s Home While She’s Away on Vacation”

  1. I can’t understand why ANYONE would make facebook “friends” aware they are on vacation!!! Wake up people! These associations on facebook are just that. Look up the definition of “friends” and then make intelligent decisions. How about waiting until you are back from vacation to anounce you had one???

  2. When you post you are away-you are sending out a invitation to have your house invaded. Use logic and common sense. I cant find any empathy for her.. Just do better next time.. Ask yourself was it worth it..

  3. I can’t feel sorry for her either! I apologize for sounding harsh, but grown ppl should about safety precautions!! I don’t understand how ppl get on FB and tell ALL their business!!! I’ve seen ppl put pictures of their dinner on FB. How stupid is that? I thought FB was for connecting with ppl u haven’t seen in a while, networking, etc. Some folks seem like lonely souls that have to talk about anything. SMH! After her incident, she should stay off FB

  4. I agree with Gail that 90% of the people on FB are associates. I also agree about not being ALL of your business on FB too. However, the question remains were these people she knew and they knew where she lived or does her profile list her physical address. There are pieces of this story that remains unseen.

  5. Seems, she was excited about her trip that she forgot her common sense for a moment. They sharing is caring but, looks like sharing was a opportunity. However, its appears to she may have exchanged phone numbers with her because it says, that Michael Batson” went a step further and text messaged the woman about her vacation”but, was that to her mobile phone or on Facebook story doesn’t mention it. Well let this be a lesson to us all that being excited to share doesn’t mean the people receiving the information care, it means Thank you, for the right to collect on your status.

  6. I don’t see nothing wrong with her posting pics about her enjoying her vacation that’s Wat Facebook is for to post pics. 2nd off that don’t give them dam fools invatatiom to break into nobody dam house no matter Wat the post.

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