Shanesha Taylor: Outpouring of Support for Single Mom Arrested for Leaving Kids in Car While on Job Interview

Interview, woman leaves kids in car*A single mother, homeless, and seeking a better way of life is behind bars after leaving her two children unattended in a locked car. A witness passing by claims to have heard a baby crying and alerted Arizona police.

The police say it was 45-minutes later that the mother appeared. Distraught after seeing the situation.

Where was she? Why did she leave a 2-year-old and 6-month-old in the car?

To attend a job interview.

If her excuse wasn’t so plausible, one would easily be tempted to judge.

But the truth of the matter is, it could’ve been any one of us in the same situation.

AZFamily reports that the kids had already been in the car for 30 minutes when police arrived. Police said 35-year-old Taylor returned from her job interview about 45 minutes after officers came to the scene. She said she didn’t have anyone else to care for the kids while she was on an interview at an insurance company.

“She was upset. This is a sad situation all around. She said she was homeless. She needed the job,” Scottsdale Police Sergeant Mark Clark told KPHO. “Obviously not getting the job. So it’s just a sad situation.”

Taylor was arrested on two felony counts of child abuse. She remains in jail, and her children have been put in the custody of Child Protective Services.

When one woman heard of Taylor’s predicament she initiated an online fundraising drive to help with her legal expenses, according to WTOP. As of Monday (03-31-14), it had over 1,000 supporters, and had raised more than $60,000!

The fundraising site acknowledges that Taylor made a “terrible mistake” but urges compassion.

There are a lot of us who feel she was just a victim to what an economy like this is putting struggling families through,” Amanda Bishop, who organized the fundraiser, told KMGH.

Thanks to Huffington Post for excerpts in this article.

11 thoughts on “Shanesha Taylor: Outpouring of Support for Single Mom Arrested for Leaving Kids in Car While on Job Interview”

  1. there is no excuse for that she could have taken her children inside with her. it’s sick that anyone would feel bad for her. She should not have those kids. i have a 2 year old and 3 year old i would have never done that . sick bastards ya’ll are

  2. Yeah cause people take their kids to interviews all the time. dont say what you wouldnt do. Shes homeless trying to get a job and than as soon as somebody start getting public assistance everybody want to talk about them becareful what you day, you never know when you can be in any situation.

  3. Bella your a stupid person, when people take their child orkids in with them. The person is not going to see them. The next time going for a interview take your kids in with you and see if you get seen or get the job.

  4. I do believe the mother needs help and compassion. She did make a mistake in judgement; however, community organizations and churches should reach out to this young lady and help her.

  5. All parents make mistakes. Don’t throw stones at her unless you have no sin your self. We all have made some sort of mistake we regret. Better than leaving them in the car to go to the club. Cut her some slack and concentrate on helping her to rise above her circumstances.

  6. Bella You are the sick bastard and judgemental. Feel sorry for your children since they will never be able to make a mistake without the fear of your wrath.

  7. I think it’s sad all around.
    I think..yes she was trying to better herself…but the reality is…what if it was 90 degrees outside..and the kids died in the car? What then? Would we still have compassion? I highly doubt it.
    I my opinion…you need to use all your resources that your mind can come up with. I like the church idea…but..The state does provide child care while job hunting. Also..As a manager..I would seriously consider hiring a person who came in and was honest and said..I’m starting fresh..I can’t afford childcare. ..and I’m trying.
    That’s integrity.
    But…she needs to be accountable. If you have need to not put them in harms way.
    Be responsible. If she can afford to have and maintain a vehicle to leave her kids in…then she can afford to find a way to get $5 for a sitter.
    Use your resources. Churches, shelters, salvation army, dfs, donate plasma.
    I laid up and made my kids…I darn sure used my resources till I got settled to keep them fed and safe. I’m responsible. No one else.
    However..With that said..being light on sentencing
    Could be fair…but none of us know her background. .If she habitually makes these kinds of mistakes…or if this was a one time mistake.

  8. @ Cyndic it is not as easy as you make it sound. I was getting assistnce from the state for approximately two months and no help with child care. It should not be an excuse, but reality a woman left her kids in the car to come in the consignment store today because they did not want to come in with her. As a manager you would not hire her because she does not have a sitter point blank. I have seen people get fired for bringing their children to work due to extreme circumstances and get fired.

  9. So if her kids die from heat stroke what then people? Seriously no I don’t feel sorry for her. She could have rescheduled the interview. Told them it was a family emergency They don’t need the whole story. Now she could face prison time, owe $100,000, and lose her kids . That one “mistake” is nothing to take lightly. She left her kids in a hot locked car crying from it being so hot for how long? She could have rescheduled for the safety of her children. She said she kept looking up at the clock. So if a parent sen their kids in a burning building, or almost drowning, but hey theres a $200 on the ground. Do you pick up the money first before someone grabs ahold of it, or save your babies first? I pick saving my kids. Doesn’t matter if it was a multimillion dollar job i would never leave my kids in a hot ass car! Mother of a 17 month old, nd 6 year old.

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