‘Ronald McDonald’ Now At Taco Bell? Wait Wasn’t He…? Nevermind.

APphoto_Taco Bell-Ronald McDonald*If you think you’re going nuts because you know Ronald McDonald when you see him, you’re not.

The Ronald McDonald you know is a red-haired clown, but the Ronald McDonald you have began to see in Taco Bell Ads look like, well, just everyday folk.

Taco Bell is doing this on purpose. Leaving no doubt that it’s going after McDonald’s…big time!

The commercials, which began airing Thursday, are to promote the Taco Bell chain’s new breakfast menu featuring — Ronald McDonald. All two dozen of ’em.

The Ronald McDonald’s featured in the ads are everyday men — including a father and son — with the same name.

“My name is Ronald McDonald,” said the man from Kane, Penn., who later said he loved the “new A.M. Crunchwrap.”

Taco Bell market-tested the new breakfast menu  over a two-year period. The menu options will be available from 7 a.m. or earlier until 11 a.m. at more than 5,500 restaurants, according to the restaurant chain.

Read more about the Taco Bell attempted takeover at the Los Angeles Times.

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