NYC Has $$ To Throw Away? City Pays Settlement To Handcuffed Man Forced To Rap For Release

Quinshon Shingles
Quinshon Shingles


*If ever there was a head-shaker, this is it.

Thanks to the NYC police department, apparently the City of New York has money to throw away based on what looks like sheer audacity from this angle.

Rising rapper Quinshon Shingles claims officers from the NYPD entered his aunt’s apartment without a warrant, handcuffed him, and forced him to rap for his release.

Apparently he did and has since won a $7,500 settlement in the case, according to the New York Daily News.

Shingles, aka “Sauce Da Boss,” alleged in his suit that officers David Grieco and Joseph Patton entered the East New York apartment to question a suspect. Eventually, they cuffed him, and, in a perfect display of drunk on power to the nth degree,  requested he craft some “spits and bars.”

They told him if they liked his lyrics, they would release him.

“They said, ‘Let me hear something, let me hear you rap, and if it’s good enough, we’ll let you go,’” Shingles told the News last year. “I started rapping, and they liked it so they said, ‘You know what, get him out of the handcuffs.’ I was probably rapping for about a minute before they let me go.”

Shingles claimed the encounter killed his desire to perform onstage.

“It took a toll on me,” he added. “I wanted to do the music thing back then, but that incident right there, that really killed it for me.”

According to Shingles’ lawsuit, the two officers fooled the building’s superintendent into giving them a duplicate set of keys to enter the apartment.

Grieco and other officers from the 75th Precinct have been under investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau for allegations, including stealing jewelry and illegal apartment searches.

Grieco is also named in 12 federal and state lawsuits for civil rights violations.

Thanks to News One for excerpts in this article.

In its response to the suit, the city denied Shingles’ claims. “It does not appear that either plaintiff was arrested… there will be very few police documents relevant to this matter,” Assistant Corporation Counsel Qiana Smith-Williams said in court papers.

Despite this stance, the city continued the suit without any depositions. They claim no wrongdoing in the settlement.

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