A Must-See! Gyrating Animatronic Doll…Is Kinda Weird (Watch)

This gyrating humanoid looks like she may have had her share of scuffles
This gyrating humanoid looks like she may have had her share of scuffles


*”And you can dance. For inspiration. Come on I’m waiting,” you might remember those lyrics from the Madonna song, “Get Into The Groove.”

Welcome to this is the craziest sh*t I have ever seen…an animatronic “doll” fitted with a long, blonde wig and sexy attire standing in front of a mirror, gyrating to any song you might want to play.

And the brother in the background seems to be having a good time, too!

If this moving mannequin – which is warned to be “the future” doesn’t give you nightmares, well, perhaps nothing will.

Maybe artist Jordan Wolfson intentionally tried to freak us out with this creepy humanoid. She’s an art installation by Wolfson, that is on display from March 6 to April 19 at the David Zwirner Art Gallery in New York City.

This creation, who is unnamed,  moves her hips, legs, head and arms in creepy human fashion, and best worst of all, she can follow your gaze with her eyes using motion sensor technology.

In the video below she can be seen, connected to the mirror in front of her by a metal pole. She dances and moves her entire body — including her fingers — and then looks directly at the camera.

Does she give you the impression she can see right through you? And what’s with the mask? The scuff marks?

Thanks to Huffington Post for this weird news item.

2 thoughts on “A Must-See! Gyrating Animatronic Doll…Is Kinda Weird (Watch)”

  1. Great, with a little more work these will work for strip bars, dancers that never get tired, don’t need tips and no need to traffic in real girls anymore. The entire porn industry will come under pressure.

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