Ever Wonder How Much $Moolah$ that Pine Sol Lady in the Commercial Makes…Can You Spell ‘Wow’? (Video)

Pine Sol Lady Earnings*What do we know about some of these people we’ve been seeing in commercials for years. Is this all they do? Do they actually do any acting? Like ‘Flo’ with that insurance company. She must be a millionaire by now right? And what about that black lady that does those Pine Sol commercials. What kind of money is she making?

Well for starters, her name is Pearl Amos, and this sister has been pushing that mop for more than 20 years now.

But please, don’t get twisted. Ms. Amos is no maid, at her rate, she probably has a few of ’em working for her.

First things first: Amos says that she is an avid Pine Sol user. But she’s also a stand-up comedian that resides in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is said to have been chosen for the role because she appeared to be someone who would actually use the product.

Now for that money question: How much does Pearl make for pushing that mop and saying “Honey, you need to use this Pine Sol” in those commercials?

A whopping $2.5 million a year!

Companies often pay their ad spokesmen and women handsomely because corporations like consistency.  If you’re the person they choose for advertising, they want your presence to be consistent.  Amos likely has good behavior clauses in her contract, so that if she ends up getting arrested or doing something too controversial, she won’t harm the company’s brand.

We thought we saw something prideful behind Pearl’s smile. You go girl!

In the video  below. Watch Pearl tell us what its like when people recognize her.

Thanks to Financial Juneteenth for the info and excerpts in this article!

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