‘Rush Limbaugh, I’m Embarrassed to Be A Black American’ Says One Woman Who Blames Barack Obama

rush-limbaugh*Well this should feed the appetite of a man African Americans and many people of color see as hateful and racist for at least a week.

The Rush Limbaugh‘s, Glenn Beck‘s, and Bill O’Reilly‘s literally live for callers like the African American woman who recently called in to Limbaugh’s radio show to unleash her fury, better known in some circles as “throwing up” on president Barack Obama; while blaming him for her own sense of self-hate.

Of course the right-wing conservatives eat stuff like this up, regurgitate it and add their own special boosting agents before serving it up to unsuspecting minds.

In a recent interview on his self-titled radio show, Rush Limbaugh took a call from an African-American female listener who claims she is ‘embarrassed to be a Black-American,’ insinuating that President Obama’s presidency is the source of her embarrassment. “I have one major problem, and that’s Barack Obama himself,”  she said. “My problem is, as a black woman, I am embarrassed to be a black-American.

The caller continues,

“My grandmother is 94 years old, and I imagine that her and all of our ancestors that died and fought for what we’re supposed to call freedom, this is not what they imagined of the first black president.  I mean, Congress is not doing their job.  They don’t want to say anything that criticizes him.”

Sidebar: Dear, do you seriously believe that your grandmother and ancestors even imagined there would be a black president? Not to mention what he would be like. Just sayin’…

Limbaugh, who’s revered as a racist to many African-Americans, further probed the woman’s statement. “You said that to you and a lot of people, that this is not what you imagined the first black president to be.  What do you mean?”

The woman replied:

Meaning that as a country overall, when you look at where we were and how far we’ve come, and you get somebody in this position of power that is of African-American descent, you don’t expect Obama.  This is not what you expect.  You expect somebody who can actually use their brain without somebody else telling them what to say, that knows how to articulate, that knows how to do what needs to be done without looking like an idiot.”

Now it won’t take a rocket scientist to know that its the source of this particular venom that is worth its weight in gold to Limbaugh – who appears to have made it his life’s mission to discredit Barack Obama, as the president and as a man.

To have a black woman, a rare thing indeed, come out against the president, and say this publicly, is something Limbaugh must have prayed for…

The transcript for the conversation, titled “A Black Woman Embarrassed by Obama,” was published on the controversial commentator’s website soon after.

Thanks to Your Black World for excerpts in this article. Please visit the website to read the article reported by Ashley Naples.

3 thoughts on “‘Rush Limbaugh, I’m Embarrassed to Be A Black American’ Says One Woman Who Blames Barack Obama”

  1. Quite frankly Siobhan from Columbia, Mississippi, if you’re reading this, there are plenty of African Americans who are pretty embarrassed by you right about now. I read the transcript of her interview. She’s entitled to her opinions about the President. What I don’t understand is her logic. She loses me when she says she’s embarrassed to be the same ethnicity as the President. Obama’s ability to lead this country has absolutely nothing to do with his skin color. Does her skin color determine how she does her job? I think not. It’s absurd to be embarrassed of being an African American because of the actions of other African Americans. We are not a monolithic herd of cattle – despite the racist radio talk to which she listens. You don’t hear Rush saying he’s embarrassed to be white because of the abominable behavior of Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber or Charlie Sheen? You won’t hear Rush belittling fellow Republican, former VP Dan Quayle and calling him an embarrassment to white folks because he misspelled the word, potato? (BTW Obama is Harvard educated and was a professor of law, you’d be a fool to think he didn’t actually know how to spell “respect”.) Siobhan may be more enlightened than the people she’s around every day but unfortunately she still has a limited scope. Rush was baiting you and you took the bait. All black people do not think the way she is describing. Yes we have our issues, but so does every other group and you will not hear those folks saying they’re embarrassed to be who they are.

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