Holland’s Got Talent: 9-Year-Old Girl Sings Opera Like A Pro…Because She Wants To So Badly (Watch & Listen!)

Opera singer, Amira
9-year-old Amira Willighagen auditioned for ‘Holland’s Got Talent’ singing opera

*Nine year old Amira Willighagen has an infectious personality. There is something so pure about her, so honest. She unabashedly shares her dreams of waving to adoring fans after she has performed some great feat. She wants to do something incredible so badly her little tummy can taste it.

So one day, while looking to join her brother in performing something for the Queen, she comes across an opera song on YouTube. She warns us early that she will do something they won’t believe (but this is not said with cockiness, just matter-of-fact).

Fast forward to her audition for “Holland’s Got Talent,” where she walks onstage (with her father standing with the producer in the wings!) and tells the judges what she plans to do – sing an opera. You can practically read their judgmental minds. Her “favorite judge” even voices what the others’ are probably thinking…

“Will I need earplugs?”

But as soon as she opens her mouth they learn,

Naw…ya won’t!

Let Amira share her beautiful story (Subtitles) and listen to her incredible ability in the video below.

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