Creep Jailed: Coaxed woman to Walmart shoe dept, then stuck her toes in his mouth! (Watch)

Michael Brown has a toe sucking fetish. It got him arrested
Michael Brown has a toe sucking fetish. It got him arrested

*Let’s see, how shall I put this: A man was recently arrested in a Charlotte, NC Walmart.

OK, I know what you’re thinking, people get arrested in stores every day.

True, but here’s the thing, it is what he was arrested for that will seriously creep you out – just like it creeped out the cops who took him in…not to mention his victim.

What was he arrested for?

Coaxing a woman to the shoe department under the auspices he was a podiatry student; telling her he needed to take photos for research and then…wait for it… sticking her toes in his mouth.

Told you!

Now before we go judging this lady, saying ‘why would she yaddy, yaddy, yah’ …let’s hear the story out.

The woman in question is not an American, so right there is a communications barrier, with possible issues with comprehension as well.

So when Erika Porras, 40, was shopping on Monday, police say Michael Brown allegedly approached her and asked if he could help her try on shoes.

“He said, ‘Follow me to [the] shoe department,’” according to Porras.

Believing he worked at the store (and think about it, why would she think otherwise?) Porras agreed to try on shoes after Brown told her he was a podiatry student, police say.

Erika’s daughter, Kattie, told NBC Charlotte, “He said, ‘I need to take a picture for research,’ and when he did, he stuck her foot in his mouth.”

After he saw how upset she was, he tried to make amends, and offered to pay for her groceries.

“He said, ‘Sorry ma’am. Please, please, please.’”

OK, are we cringing yet?

Instead, Porras ran to call her husband and the police.

Brown, 31, who was caught doing his dirty deed on surveillance video, was arrested on Thursday night, and has since been charged with assault on a female – a misdemeanor.

Detective Dennis Harris says he’s never seen anything like this.  “Kind of bizarre, strange,” he said.

As one would suspect, this was not Michael Brown’s first time doing something like this.

Further research revealed he is a registered sex offender who was convicted in 2001 for breaking into a house in his home town of Concord and sucking on another woman’s toes. Other previous charges include separate assaults on females and filing a false report to police radio.


When NBC Charlotte showed Porras a picture from the store surveillance cameras, she teared up saying, “Oh yeah. Yeah, that’s him.”

UPDATE: Detectives tell NBC Charlotte that since the story broke, they’ve received numerous reports from potential victims in Indian Trail, Denver and Rock Hill. Authorities are referring those potential victims to their local law enforcement to file a report.

Thanks to NBC Charlotte for this video, pictures and information in this story.

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