Nun’s Vehicle Gets Towed…As She Delivers Food to Homeless Shelter!

Nuns truck towed from homeless shelter*Apparently, not even a nun’s car is safe from the tow truck.

For shame!

Sister Beth Mouch had just finished delivering food to the St. Jude Community Center in New Orleans when, according to, she saw a tow truck preparing to take her vehicle away.

 “Please, sir, stop. I’m getting ready to move,” the nun told the driver, who offered little sympathy.
Sister Beth Mouch
Sister Beth Mouch
Apparently, Mouch’s truck had no ticket on it before it was towed.
Sister Beth said volunteers at the community center have been ticketed or towed in the past while delivering food or other items, and told WWL-TV that’s a problem for her.

“Volunteers helping in the city, people trying to do acts of kindness, are not treated with the same respect,  and that is a concern from me,” said Sister Beth, who is not looking to have the fine waived, but does feel sensitivity training is in order for tow truck drivers and parking enforcement officers.

A city spokesperson released a statement to WWL-TV that reads, “In this instance, the vehicle was blocking a public right-of-way, which is a violation of the city’s parking rules. We will continue to work to both educate drivers on the city’s parking regulations and to provide positive customer service experiences to the public.”

One would think that the tow truck driver would’ve had a change of heart once he realized the vehicle belonged to a nun. SMH.

This article originally appeared in Yahoo

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