Mother of Special Needs Son Arrested (At School) for Coming to His Aide…’Cause She Didn’t Sign In First!

Niakea Williams was arrested as she consoled her special needs son*Imagine you’re at home taking a nap, and you’re awakened by a call from your kids school saying come quickly, your child needs you.

You’ve already started to panic. Now imagine your kid is special needs.

The parents of special needs children have even greater challenges in childrearing, so when Niakea Williams of Missouri got the phone call from Walnut Grove Elementary School and was told that her son, Michael, who has Asperger’s syndrome, was panicking, she quickly headed over to his school.

Once there, she got buzzed in, and immediately went to find Michael. But as KMOV News 4 reports, it is what happened next that has Ms. Williams furious.

Though Williams had been buzzed in as a “known parent” by school officials, because she is said to have broken protocol by not signing in before heading to Michael’s classroom to console him, the school called the police who, in turn, placed her under arrest.

Williams admits her mistake, but feels she was justified, and told  KMOV, “I didn’t sign the book, but I had to check on my son.” She asked the principal to bring the book to her so she could sign it, but the administrator had other plans.

“She said, ‘Oh no, I’ve already called the police,’” Niakea recounts.

And that she had. Calverton Park Police showed up and put the school in a 12-minute lock-down due to an “unauthorized entry to a school.”

Williams was handcuffed, arrested, and taken to the police station on trespassing charges. No matter that she was a parent known to the school; a mother who had actually met with the principal just one day prior.

Furious, Ms. Williams thinks the whole ordeal was unnecessary, and told the media, “They escorted me away from my son, who already has emotional distress. Four officers told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back, I was under arrest.”
It’s unclear what legal steps will be taken next, but I am sure this is not the last we will hear of this story.

Thanks to Yahoo for excerpts of this story.

21 thoughts on “Mother of Special Needs Son Arrested (At School) for Coming to His Aide…’Cause She Didn’t Sign In First!”

  1. The child was under enough stress but to watch his Mother arrested made it even worse. The Principal should be disciplined because he or she did not take think of the best welfare for the child.

  2. That is crazy when u see your child in distress you forget about rules. Do the Principal have kids? If see did see would have done the same

  3. Absolutely RIDICULOUS!!!!! I do understand safety for children, but this incident crossed the line! I would have done the same if my child was in distress or danger and so would any other parent! Shame in whomever called the police!!!

  4. This is just beyond ridiculous. After she asked for the book to sign it they still didn’t seek that she gets it. But so quick to call the authorities. Smfh if that was my child I would of do the same thing with no questions asked especially under the circumstances that her child is in…I’m sorry I would’ve told them off. They would of heard my mouth

  5. You never get the whole story. It sounds ridiculous but was she being a problem, making a scene? We don’t know. Besides you people are always wanting to put rule breakers in jail except when you don’t want to. This is what you get for putting out the message that you want all rule breakers in jail. You never know the whole story even when it’s a rapist that goes to jail and you all have been to quick to say “They all should be put in jail”. Police and all of you are out of control with the quick justice button.

  6. this is a load of croc. the school called her so they knew this was an emergency so why in the world would you call the police. she should sue them for mental stress pain and suffering..

  7. That principle could have called off the police. I feel the principle had another agenda.

  8. A mother’s instinct is to protect her children. A child with a disability need extra special care and attention if an emergency occurred and the parent is called. Then the school is expecting the parent more so the mom the only thing on her mind as a mother myself is make sure the child is ok which she did and then asked about the documentation to sign in. It also stated they buzzed her in she could not enter without their approval and they knew had to know her. A concerned mom with a special needs child what were they expecting her to do. Then they refused to allow her to sign in because they already called the laws on her. This situation could have need defused. There are other children as well in the school so I understand protocol was breached but at the end of the day where is the compassion for the child who was in distress now off to jail mom this child is the victim. Who considered the child in this situation?

  9. This is absolutely ridiculous. First, the school called the parent & said it was an emergency. The parent didn’t break in. The school “buzzed her in” after she identified herself. Parent asked the school official to get the book & she would sign it, but school official said too late I already called the police. I smell a set up and why? As a matter of fact, I’ve been buzzed into my child’s school & didn’t sign in. . I never got arrested, but they buzzed me in & saw me come in. Besides I was relatively new to this school & no one gave me instructions when I walked in; however, the school kindly explained on my way out. The school needs to understand that it is a public school, not a cult.

  10. Unless that mom did something really ridiculous AFTER they buzzed her in because THEY recognized her… Then they are ALL idiots! A shame AND scary how hard some people can hate… What was taught in YOUR household!!

  11. I can’t believe the police didn’t have enough sense to just escort her out of the school, after they gave the principal hell for calling them for something so damned stupid. Barney Fife comes to mind.

  12. Unfortunately, SDP rules are in place to protect children. This was because on Dec 7, 1992, a stepmother had her friend disguised and sent her into the school. Once in the car, the child was murdered and then cover the evidence.

  13. Once buzzed in the mom may have felt that it was okay to go straight to the classroom especially since the school contacted her for assistance in handling the child. This looks like a case of “protect your ass” school officials have protocol they are not supposed to break for example “contact the police if an adult enters the school and does not sign in. They exercised the protocol instead of “using their own good judgment”. Imagine if they were soldiers told to kill all occupants of enemy territory and encountered babies instead and shot them anyway because that was what the “protocol” was. Hmmm. Let’s use our heads folks.

  14. The principle should be fired. The mother was called to the school and buzzed in by school employees. She was called because they needed help with her child. Seeing Mom get arrested could not have helped. Shame on the police officers. When they came to site and questioned everyone, the worst the police should’ve done was lecture the mom on proceedures and leave. The best case of action would have them lecture the principle for calling them out for a non-emergency. All the other parents should be upset about the disruption to their childrens school day.

  15. Unfortunately this is the world we live in. I guess I can understand the principal doing her job by following the rules set up to protect the children regardless of the circumstances. But when the police arrived the principal, the police along with the mother could have handled the situation in a calm discreet way that would not have upset everyone. I really believe that everyone involved should have a meeting to explain their actions and reactions. But honestly suing the school and police for doing their job to protect our children just doesn’t seem right. I feel for this mother because I would have done the same thing and be just as mad as she is. That is why the school and police need to make this right with her by explaining that they were just doing their jobs and felt bad for her. Jim I still don’t understand how or why you managed to put a rapist as a comparison point????????? It should have been handled differently.

  16. I just visited my kid at her school. No sign in book, doors are not locked, no cameras, no security guards, no metal detectors, and being a high school, they can just leave for lunch without any protocol to follow.

    So glad we live in Ontario, not the states.

  17. Really….at least the Mother came to the school when they called. I am a Special Needs counselor for an after school program. ..Calling a parent that will actually comes when the Child is in crisis is unheard at my site. I Applaud her for going to the school. SOME of my parents should follow her lead. …ijs

  18. This is so stupid that principal should be arrested for making a false report she was known and not an unknown adult in the school after all they buzzed her in because they knew her and what she was there for the receptionist should have followed her to the child’s class with the book to have her sign as soon as the situation was under control that they called her in for shame on the school officials and shame on the police this all could of been avoided hope all is on with the child prayers go out to the whole family

  19. This is the bane of 0 tolerance, Too many school officials use it as the end all and be all for the rules, however there are times where using your brain and assessing the situation first instead of just going into automatic and causing undo distress for parents, teachers, children, and law enforcement. These policies are in place, but they are not set in stone, and they are enforceable at the discretion of the school official available to make such a decision. In other words (gunmen call police, parent rushing to help their child with emotional issues, think.)

  20. So I’m to understand a mother was “called” to the school to attend to her child, however was arrested on a formality because of not signing a log? If she was buzzed in, this is an authorization by the school administration by default. The school called her, accepted her presence and then calls the police? What kind of monkey police department are we referring to, who has an inability to inject discretion in this situation? My guess… the meeting the day prior with the principal [alleged in the article] was a negative encounter and the police call was a showing of authority through retaliation by said principal. Misconduct on all parts – aside from the responding mother that is.

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