First Lady (And Young Ladies) Turning Heads in China With Spring Wardrobe Colors

First Lady Michelle Obama Travels to China - Day 3
Michelle Obama wears dress by designer Carolina Herrera

*Michelle Obama may have traveled to China with her daughters and their grandmother on serious business, but in what has become typical Michelle Obama style, she was looking pretty stylish while doing so.

With spring upon us, Mrs. Obama decided on bright, colorful prints to wear as she spent time in Asia with students and faculty. She even took time out to enjoy the opera.

Take a look at some of her incredible styles.

While speaking with students at the Stanford Center at Peking University,  FLOTUS wore designer Carolina Herrera (shown in the photo above), a sheath dress with a red, gray, black and tan graphic print and a sophisticated cut.

CHINA-US-DIPLOMACYAt the Beijing Opera performance above, FLOTUS appears to be having great fun. She took it more casual and wore another print ensemble: a multicolored blouse with a horse print, charcoal gray trousers and hoop earrings. You can’t see them, but just trust us, ‘K?

There’s more outfits to see.

Visit The Huffington Post to glimpse more of the First Lady and her daughters during their China visit.

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