Man Slips Abortion Pills To Girlfriend During Sex

Shervaughn Remy Photo: Riyad Hasan

*Instead of just talking about it like adults, maybe even discussing the pros and cons of it, a Brooklyn man decided to abort the baby his girlfriend was carrying, by slipping abortion pills to her as they had sex in a Crown Heights apartment.

Due to his actions, the woman delivered a 3-month-old stillborn fetus, prosecutors charge.

But still, she won’t press charges against him.

Shervaughn Remy, 34, who was arrested on Valentine’s Day 2013, turned down an offer Monday to plead guilty to felony abortion.

After sex, the pregnant woman felt such intense pain in her abdomen that she went to a local hospital, where a doctor removed two pills from inside her and identified them as the abortion drug Cytotec, according to a criminal complaint.

The complaint states that the pregnant woman gave birth several hours after seeing the doctor, to a 14-week-old stillborn fetus.

“My client maintains his innocence,” defense attorney David Zelman said in Brooklyn Supreme Court, adding that the alleged victim told him she doesn’t want an order of protection or to press charges.

Remy was charged last year with abortion, a felony punishable by up to four years behind bars.

Are you wondering how someone can “slip pills to you while you’re having sex?”

Me too.

7 thoughts on “Man Slips Abortion Pills To Girlfriend During Sex”

  1. “Are you wondering how someone can “slip pills to you while you’re having sex?”

    Well, taking into account that the Doctors ‘removed 2 pills from inside her’ a person of any intelligence would assume he inserted the pills not orally but rather at at point of entry during intercourse.

  2. To Poppy. You are exactly correct. I didn’t understand what there was to wonder about.

  3. That is a mess. She should not deal with him again in the future he is not to be trusted.
    He needs to given some time to think about his actions and if he doesn’t want any children he needs to think about not having sexual intercourse seriously.

  4. I would say that it would be a resonable question from the writer except that a simple search of Cytotec would have told this writer that the pills are normally used as a vaginal suppository. I used to love EUR but if that simple reaserch was not done, how can I trust the research on the substantive aspects of the article.

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