Was Playboy Model Who Said Azz Was Used As Golf Tee-off Point In on Stunt After all? (Listen)

Playboy bunny*Uh oh. Remember her?

She’s the model we told y’all about that is suing Playboy because they used her butt cra*k as a Tee-off point and radio host Kevin Klein had the nerve to make a bad shot which caused her to suffer permanent damage.

Yeah, that story.

Well, apparently, a media source has allegedly found information they say proves she was in on the tee-off shot from the very beginning.

Yep, they say this woman actually AGREED to the stunt and they claim they’ve got audio to prove it.

First let’s back up.

Model Liz Dickson had said that when she arrived at the Playboy tournament in Los Angeles back in March of 2112, she was requested to lie on her stomach and pose for a photo with radio host and comedian Kevin Klein. But now, according to TMZ, her lawsuit against Playboy claims she thought comedian Kevin Klein would ONLY be POSING with his golf club for a photo op … and was shocked when he took a whack.

Apparently, an audio recorded on the day of the stunt has been placed in TMZ’s hot little hands. On the recording you hear the radio host clearly stating his intention to the model.

Butt audio“Would you allow me to place a golf ball on a tee in your butt and attempt to tee off a shot right now down this first fairway?” Klein asks Dickson on the recording, to which she initially responds, “Maybe” … and then says, “What did I get myself into?”

Moments later, she lays down on her stomach, allows a member of Klein’s team to place a tee in her butt … and seems to be 100% in on the stunt.

At one point Klein asks, “How does the golf tee feel in the butt?”
Liz responds, “Ummm … it’s poking my butt.”

He then asks, “Do you enjoy it at all?”
Liz responds, “I love it.”

WHO comes up with this crap???

Listen to the audio below and let us know what you think. There’s more to the story at TMZ.

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