Ugh! Is That a Lizard Head in My Salad??

Lizard head in salad*We can usually appreciate the little added touches from the chefs who prepare our food in our favorite restaurants, right? We know that the eateries we frequent become familiar with us, and after a while, may want to show their appreciation in the best way they know how; they may give us coupons, spend a little time talking with us as we eat, or even give us something extra like another piece of cheese bread or a taste of their newest dish on the low.

It is these small things, after all, that generally keep us coming back yes?

So we can only imagine how shocked theatrical agent Robin Sandusky, who lives and works in Manhattan was, when she purchased her Kale salad just the way she likes it – with avocado and onion -and the little something extra she got stared back at her…Seeing as her sister studies lizards as a career, she and Robin may have one more thing to bond over: the lizard head found in the salad Robin bought from  the Guy & Gallard restaurant on 7th Ave and 29th Street.

Robin tells the New York Post that she had been ordering the same salad from the Hell’s Kitchen deli for the past two weeks and at first she thought it was a piece of piece of asparagus.

“I’d taken like 15 bites, and I sort of turned it over,” Sandusky, 31, said to The Huffington Post over the phone Wednesday. “I could see the scales and the little lines of the mouth, and the arm hanging off.”

“I could see the grime hanging out the back of its head. It was disgusting,” she added.

Though she got a full refund from the restaurant, once she sent the salad back, they have lost a customer as Robin says she won’t be going there again.

“I’m like a jilted lover, I can’t go back once I’ve been betrayed.”

Guy & Gallard refused to comment when contacted by HuffPost.

UPDATE: 1:35 p.m. — Guy & Gallard managing partner Jason Jeffries said in a statement that the company is looking into the issue.

(Our thanks to NBC New York)

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  1. Does anyone know the nutritional value or lack of if the lizard head had been eaten?……………Where was the rest of the body?

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