PlayBoy Being Sued By Woman Who Says Her Azz Was Used As a Golf Tee-off

Playboy bunny

*Well, here’s a head-scratcher for ya. One just doesn’t know what to think about this.

But here goes.

According to TMZ, some “hot chick” has sued Playboy because, wait for it, a golf tee was placed in her butt and then the golfer made a swing and whacked her a** instead of the ball.

Uh huh. Believe us when we say, we feel you.

So-called hottie says the missed target has caused her severe – maybe even permanent, damage you-know-where.

Liz Dickson‘s lawsuit states she was at an L.A. area golf course back in March, 2012 for a Playboy tournament, when she was instructed to lie on her stomach and pose for a photo with comedian and radio host Kevin Klein.

Dickson says a golf tee was placed between her butt cheeks and a golf ball was balanced on the top of the tee.  Klein then took a whack, (at the ball we presume) but he missed and hit her butt instead.

Dickson claims she suffered severe injuries, some of which are permanent.  We, not unlike TMZ, are assuming the tee was removed.

She’s suing for $500K plus punitive damages.

4 thoughts on “PlayBoy Being Sued By Woman Who Says Her Azz Was Used As a Golf Tee-off”

  1. She had to agree to it, otherwise, it would never have happened. She is stupid and I hope the judge award her money for medical expenses only.

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