‘Sloppy Parents’ Damage the Black Community More than George Zimmerman Ever Could

Homeless children*In an article by Dr. Boyce Watkins, its revealed that “sloppy parents” can be more hurtful than George Zimmerman ever was.

The controversial professor used Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie as an example while speaking with a friend. Cromartie has 12 kids with 8 women and Watkins says men like him (and the women who keep sleeping with them) “damage the black community as much or more than George Zimmerman.”

Watkins goes on to reveal emails he received following the published article where people actually justified or attempted to quantify Cromartie’s position by, as Watkins concludes, lowering the bar.

“What I found to be really funny,” Watkins says, “is that someone then emailed me and seriously said, ‘He has 12 kids, but that’s not as bad as the other guy who had 21 kids by 18 different women.’  I laughed to myself because the best way to subtly encourage ridiculous behavior is to lower the bar and compare ourselves to the lowest common denominator (“Yea, I buy my baby diapers once a month, but some never buy anything for their kids, so I’m doing pretty good”).

The professor goes on to say that “if you’re going to howl and complain about the George Zimmerman’s of the world (which we should), we should also be howling and complaining about the things that happen in our own community.  Too often, black people are fooled into being so focused on non-black enemies that we often forget about the black people who hate us just as much.”

At the end of the day, Watkins concludes that parents who give in to instant gratification, and have no plan B, nor means in place to properly care for their offspring, leave them vulnerable to a future of suffering and death.

To read more of Watkins enlightening article, and I strongly recommend that you do, please go to Naturally Moi, here.

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