Man Who Woke Up in Body Bag Week’s Ago, Dead for Real This Time

Walter Williams beat death once, but this time its real
Walter Williams beat death once, but this time its real

*We’ve got sad news to report.

Walter Williams, the 78-year-old Mississippi man we wrote about a few weeks ago – the one who was thought to be deceased until he awakened in a body bag just as he was to be embalmed, has passed away.

No mistake this time.

Williams’ death occurred at his home at approximately 1 a.m. this morning (Thursday); with no cause given.

The father of 11, grandfather of 15, and great-grandfather of six became famous after the story of his “return from the dead” on February 26 went viral as Porter and Sons Funeral Home employees were prepping him for embalming when he started to move.

Congestive heart failure had made it necessary for Williams to go into hospice this past February and it appeared to doctors and nurses that he had succumbed to his illness.

“After they got through checking him, the coroner, they pronounced him dead and put him in a plastic bag, zipped him up and took him, put him in the hearse and they left,” said Eddie Hester, Williams’ nephew.

But they were wrong.

“The mortician said something wasn’t right,” said Williams’ daughter, Martha A. Lewis. “His leg started moving.”

Williams was rushed to a hospital and released a few days later.

Doctors suggest a mix of medicines may have caused his vital signs to appear unresponsive and family members consider the possibility that Williams’ pacemaker may have stopped and started again.

Yet Mary Williams, his daughter, is thankful and says, “God gave us a little more time with him, and we’re happy about that.”

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