Rescued Shelter Puppy Returns Favor, Saves New Family From Gas Leak

"Hi everybody, I'm Hunter" and I just saved my family's life! Aarff!
“Hi everybody, I’m Hunter” and I just saved my family’s life! Aarff!

*Just love ’em and they will protect you forever.

If the family that adopted 3-month-old Husky mix “Hunter” didn’t know it before bringing him home two weeks ago, they certainly know it now.

Jill McLarty and her family adopted the black and white cutie from a Michigan shelter, and in return, he saved them from something that could have proven fatal…

A gas leak.

Around midnight last Wednesday, Hunter woke Jill up with whining. Probably thinking this was just something that new puppies do, especially in unfamiliar surroundings, Jill brought the puppy outside.

But he just kept whining.

When she brought him back inside, into her bedroom, the dog started running in circles…still whining.

But then he led her to the kitchen, where she turned on the lights and saw Hunter sitting in front of the stove.

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