Video Shows Girl Trying to Keep Heroin-Addict Mama Awake on City Bus…While Passengers Do Nothing

Woman about to pass out on bus
With her young daughter (in pink jacket) pleading “Mama, mama” this mother, suspected to be high on heroin, sways back and forth on the bus while passengers walk by.

*This is more than disturbing.

Philadelphia police and the Department of Human Services are investigating a woman who, if not for her young daughter holding her head up, would have passed out on the floor of a Philadelphia SEPTA bus, possibly from a heroin-induced high.

Concerned passengers recorded the pending disaster on their cellphones and placed it on Facebook; while other viewers sent it to NBC10, the Philadelphia Police and the Department of Human Services.

  No one on the bus, however, did anything to help the child.

In the video you even see a female passenger sitting beside the affected woman. She glances periodically at the woman and her daughter, yet does nothing more.

Didn’t she, along with all the other passengers who stepped over or between this swaying woman, hear the girl pleading, “Mama” as she held her head up? How is it possible that people walked over this obvious example of abuse with nothing more than an “Excuse me” as recognition or acknowledgement?

The authorities apparently had the same concern.

“While it is helpful that so many people emailed and called us after viewing the video, there were many people on the bus who witnessed this as it was occurring and took no action at all,” said DHS Commissioner Anne Marie Ambrose.

“Child abuse is a community problem, if you see or know that a child is being abused or neglected, you should report it immediately,” she continues.

Philadelphia Police Lieutenant John Stanford agrees.

“We don’t want people to engage because you don’t know what’s going on here,” Stanford said. “But we’d prefer you to call 911 or stop the operator of the vehicle.”

This is a no brainer people. Please don’t ever justify doing nothing in a situation like this. It is NOT someone else’s problem. Its everyone’s problem!! Don’t stop at recording an incident, especially where a child is concerned. Take it a step further, in safety of course, and alert someone in authority immediately…while it is happening!

Read more of the story at NBC10 and view the video below.

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