Drunken Groom Fights With Bride Forcing Plane to Make Emergency Landing

Drinking on the plane*Can the option to purchase liquor on the plane soon be a thing of the past?

It may not be far behind seeing as some fools who can’t hold their liquor could make those of us who can pay the price.

For the second time in only a few weeks a flight has been diverted due to the disorderly conduct of a drunken passenger.

A groom and his bride no less!

This time Delta Airlines flight 901 was leaving Atlanta traveling to Costa Rica. The crew had to make an emergency landing on Grand Cayman island last Saturday instead, thanks to one groom who had obviously drank too much and started arguing with his bride, according to authorities.

Identified only as an “American,” the man was escorted from the flight by police following its Cayman Islands emergency landing and he is being held in custody on a charge of drunk and disorderly conduct. This according to Royal Cayman Islands Chief Inspector Raymond Christian.

His bride, however, embarrassed as she probably was, remained aboard for the flight to San Jose, Costa Rica, he said.

Wonder if they were on their honeymoon. If so, I hope she enjoys herself.

Christian did not name the bride or the groom involved in the incident. The grumpy groom, however, could face further charges under the international air law, according to Christian.

Delta spokeswoman Lindsay McDuff confirmed on Monday that a “disruptive customer” prompted the crew of flight 901 to divert to Grand Cayman.

“The flight landed without incident and the customer was met by local authorities,” McDuff said.

On Feb. 7 a Delta flight from Baltimore to Salt Lake City was diverted due to an unruly female passenger who was described by officials as intoxicated.


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