Gimme Sensitive: Are Women Tired of Falling for the ‘Take Charge’ Type of Man? (Video)

Black man*Remember the Diana Ross lyric, “I want muscles?” from the 1982 hit, Muscles, written and produced by Michael Jackson just for her?

Well, according to one female writer, while women may still want muscles on their men, they are not necessarily feeling some of the other manly-man characteristics.

In the past women have often chosen the alpha male type to date because he is a strong and confident man. Now women are choosing the beta male more and more because they really just want a more sensitive guy. There are pros and cons to dating each, but here are nine reasons that women are not dating alpha males as much anymore:

1. He is too controlling. Alpha males like to be dominant and have control of everything so that everyone knows who’s in charge.

2. He won’t express his emotions. He has to be a manly man, and letting someone know that they are sad or hurt is not a macho thing to do in their eyes so they shy away from it.

3. They can’t be trusted. Alpha males like to cheat and lie more than other men do because they have more testosterone in their body. They can begin to have a need to satisfy as many women as they possibly can. That doesn’t exactly work in a relationship.

4. They lack perspective on everything else because they are too into themselves to look at the world around them. They are confident yes, but perhaps a little too confident almost to the point of arrogance.

5. They are sometimes very insecure. They show themselves as the dominant party because they feel insecure about something and need to express that they are strong and manly enough even though they may not feel it.

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Thanks to Healthy Black for this article, written by Krystle Crossman.

Here’s the “Muscles” video. Sung by Diana Ross, written and produced by Michael Jackson

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