Nigerian Dad Allegedly Beats Son and Padlocks His Mouth for Being ‘Evil’

Padlock, child*In a horrific turn of events, Chris Elvis, a man of Nigerian descent, has been arrested for the alleged murder of his son, Godrich, (pictured).

The 4-year-old was apparently beaten to death by his father, who had padlocked his mouth to prevent him from screaming as the ‘evil’ was being beaten out of him, according to the International Business Times.

Elvis, a 30-year-old native of Lagos, works as a security guard for a private company. When he had a run of bad luck, he blamed his child for it – calling Godrich a “child of evil” or “Ogbanje.”

He then allegedly beat him incessantly, pressed a hot iron over his torso, and padlocked his mouth to muffle the screams.

According to reports, Elvis then placed his son’s body into a plastic drum and sealed it with a padlock.

When the child’s mother returned home and made the horrific discovery that her son had been beaten and killed, she immediately summoned police.

Upon the officers arrival, and their attempts to question Elvis, the father reportedly tried to behave as if he were mentally ill.

The police didn’t buy his act.

Elvis remains behind bars awaiting a hearing.

Thank you to our partners at NewsOne for this story. Read more at The International Business Times.

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  1. For the love of mankind, can these evil people stop harming these innocent babies?!! Totally disgusting!!!!!

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