College-Bound Football Star Charged With Rape of 14-Year-Old (But She Won’t Press Charges)–Watch

Sharieff, Accused of rape

*His football coach says 28 colleges were trying to sign him, but now, instead of choosing which team to play for, 17-year-old Sharieff Rhaheed-Muhammad, a senior at Ft. Pierce Central High, is under arrest for lewd and lascivious behavior with a 14-year-old girl.

Though he has already committed  to play his college ball at the University of Louisville on a full scholarship, this dude’s career could very well be over before it even gets started.

Dumb move, if he’s guilty, right?

Ft. Pierce Police arrested the student athlete and charged him with lewd and lascivious behavior with his 14-year-old cousin; who police say he impregnated.

The girl had an abortion last November.

She told police the two of them had sex in June 2013, and that he touched her inappropriately when she was 11.

“Actually I’m kinda shocked, and I feel sorry for the girl having an abortion and all that, ’cause I don’t believe in abortions, so that’s kind of sad, very sad to me,” said Maria Thiel, parent  of a student at Ft. Pierce Central High.

“That’s not good, that’s terrible. That’s not good,” said Patsy Savage, another Ft. Pierce Central High parent.

Reporters went to the home of Rhaheed-Muhammad, but no one answered the door.

It’s unclear whether the arrest will affect his scholarship.

A spokesman at the University of Louisville would not comment on the arrest, except to say quote:

“Coach Bobby Petrino is aware of the situation.

However, there has since been an update: According to WPTV5, Sharieff Rhaheed-Muhammad has been released and the arrest report says the14-year-old girl does not want the case to move forward. She does not want Sharieff to go to jail.

She seems more interested in proving that she did not lie about the incident.

Thanks to media partner for excerpts of this story.

See an UPDATED video of the story thanks to WPTV5.

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