Man Finds One Million Dollar Lotto Ticket While Cleaning His Room!

Lottery winner*Are of kind of wishing your luck would kick in right about now. Could you use an extra million dollars?

Congrats go out to 26-year-old Gregory Jarrett, a resident of the Atlanta suburb of Decatur, Georgia, who was cleaning his room and happened to discover a winning lottery ticket….worth one million dollars!!!

I swear, this is the stuff that dreams are made of. How many of us have imagined something like this happening to us?

Turns out Jarrett had matched five numbers in the PowerBall drawing of Jan. 15, but had apparently forgotten he had played.

“I called for my mom, and I walked toward her, shaking,” he said in a statement released by the Georgia Lottery. “She verified it, and at that point we hugged.”


Jarrett, who said in the statement that he picked the numbers — 7, 8, 9, 24 and 29 — based on his siblings’ birthdays, claimed the prize last week.

And what will he spend his winnings on? Paying bills, he said.

Can’t you just see the bill-collectors salivating!!!

Georgia Lottery officials said Friday that they hadn’t been able to reach Jarret since his win.

Under Georgia lottery rules, he had six months to claim the prize.

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