Atlanta Minister Who Had Sex Without Disclosing HIV Status Gets 10 Years (Watch)

Minister Craig Davis*Last Friday proved to be D-Day for the Atlanta minister who was accused of sleeping with at least two women (and infecting one!) without disclosing his HIV-positive status.

The jury deliberated for less than one hour before coming back with a “guilty” verdict, and Craig Davis has now been sentenced to ten years in prison by a Clayton County judge .

guilty2Davis, who is married, had been denying that he had committed adultery, and even denied having HIV in the early stages of the charge.

In an eleventh hour appeal for mercy, he took the stand saying, “I take full responsibility” and acknowledging how he had now “opened the door to hurt” for the families.

Formerly labeled “unrepentant” and unstoppable when it comes to unprotected sex by one prosecutor, Davis’ words had no impact on the judge who sentenced him.

According to a report by Jaye Watson at 11ALIVE.COM when Davis was asked by the Clayton County woman he had slept with why he did not tell her that he had HIV, Davis told her, “because the Lord had told him to be still.”

The reporter goes on to show a letter from one of the victims; who claims she had been “abstinent for 15 years” before dating Davis and has since found out that she has acquired HIV.

One doctor said not only had he diagnosed Davis with HIV one year ago, he diagnosed him with full-blown AIDS.

Davis was convicted on two counts of Reckless HIV, which is a felony.¬† At his sentence hearing, one of the church women who Davis had sex with told the judge that she’s “the one serving a life sentence.”

See the video news report below:

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