Would You Want A Casket Outlet in Your Neighborhood Mall?

Pentagon_city_mall*Are you one of those people who thought you’d heard it all?

Well hold on, here’s one for ya!

Malls are popular all over, right? We can easily find ourselves going in to pick up “just a few things” and leave, hours later, with multiple bags from a variety of stores.

Let’s see, we’ve got our face cream from Target; our cute blouse from H&M or shirt from Men’s Wearhouse; and we even stopped at the shoe repair and sat while they replaced the souls on the shoes we were wearing.

But I don’t care how many malls you’ve been to, or what it is that you did there, because chances are, you couldn’t walk right next door and buy a casket.

Uh huh, thanks to Forest Lawn, one of the most recognized names in “the industry,”  funeral and casket outlets are now coming to a mall near you.

In fact, Forest Lawn, known for hosting the final resting places of  icons that include Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson, has been quietly placing movable kiosks in several of the malls around Southern California’s suburbs.

This move actually expands on a marketing innovation that appears to have begun at the dawn of the decade when a company called Til We Meet Again began opening casket stores around the country.

Picture this.
Picture this in malls all over the country.

“We try to reach our audience where they are at and the mall is a great way to do that,” said Ben Sussman, spokesman for Forest Lawn.

“And it’s also, perhaps, a way to reach people who might be a little leery about coming directly into one of our parks,” Sussman said.

So, how do you feel about having a casket outlet in your mall?

2 thoughts on “Would You Want A Casket Outlet in Your Neighborhood Mall?”

  1. Good idea. I think that’s a good alternative to being gouged by the bloodsuckers at the funeral homes.

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