Recent Security Breach at Apple More Scary Than Target’s?

Secure Sockets Layers, and more recently, Transport Layer Security protocols have protected web users for years by creating a digital secure handshake to identify and encrypt data from the browser to the secure end site. The Apple flaw puts hackers in the middle of that handshake, by allowing the SSL/TSL routines to be bypassed. (Photo credit: Shutterstock)

*According to an article in The Blaze , due to a recent security breach mobile device users should be very afraid.

The article states that the news that has tech giant, Apple , Inc., rushing its users to upgrade to the iOS7 software to prevent a potential security risk is even more scary than the enormous breach to consumer privacy revealed by Target last year.

In the article, writer Elizabeth Kreft states that the Apple security protocol breach “is nearly as bad as handing your credit card straight to a hacker rather than making them steal the information through the magnetic stripe readers.”

Wow! That is scary.

The article states further,

“The flaw in Apple’s iOs and OS X platforms essentially allows a hacker to get in between the initial verification “handshake” connection between the user and the destination server, enabling the adversary to masquerade as a trusted endpoint. This means the connection which is supposed to be encrypted between you and your bank, email server, healthcare provider and more is open to attack.”

Security experts across the web recommend updating iPhones and iPads with the available iOS patches now, and using browsers other than Safari for OS X systems without an available Apple fix.

Thanks to writer   who has handled issues related to Intelligence, Emerging Threats, Strategic Forces and the Constitution for the use of excerpts in this article. Read more at The Blaze here.

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