Volvo Service Makes Car Trunk Your Remote Delivery Option

Volvo delivery*We’ve all had it happen to us at one time or another.

We bought that item on the Internet but when it was being delivered, we were nowhere near our home to accept it. Even worse, not all of us live in areas where leaving the package outside is a smart option.

Good news: There’s an app for that!

Of course you’ll need a car…with a trunk.

Left up to their own devices, Volvo has masterminded a new service for their auto owners that will allow shoppers to choose their car as a separate delivery option when they place an order online. They call the new service “roam delivery,” and this is how it works.

Volvo owners would be allowed to choose their cars as a delivery option when they’re away. In theory, you wouldn’t have to leave your car unlocked — although you would have to own one of the latest Volvo models with the company’s Sensus Connect Touch telematics system.

Aha! Talk about your basic sales grand idea!

Volvo’s roam service uses a “digital key” that only the delivery person can access via a cloud connection. And after the delivery is dropped off (or a package is picked up), the temporary digital key is erased from the system and the car is locked. The owner is then notified via the Volvo On Call app that a delivery company dropped off or picked up something from your car.

Volvo said it beta-tested the service with 100 people, and 86 of them said that roam delivery saved them time. It could also save some frustration since, according to Volvo, 60 percent of online shoppers had issues with deliveries last year, and more than half were not at home to receive them.

Beyond convenience, the Swedish automaker said this in-car delivery would reduce the overall environmental impact caused by delivery services making multiple trips to drop off the same package. Volvo owners, in some strange way, might even feel more green when shopping online.

Volvo hasn’t said when the “potential” feature will become available. But roam delivery will be showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.

Thanks to writer Douglas Newcomb of MSN Autos for excerpts of this story.

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