Happy 96th Birthday Pa-Pa…Oops! Is That A Rat Baked into Your Cake?

Happy Birthday, Joseph Vallenti (96 years young)

Happy Birthday, Joseph Vallenti (96 years young)

*Ah man, you’d probably think that not much worse could happen to someone celebrating a 96th birthday on this side of the ground.

But you’d be wrong.

Because it took a real ro-dent to cramp the style of one Mr. Joseph Vallenti, when the birthday cake his loving family bought for him offered more than just a strange taste.

A man named Neil Gold, who is dating Vallenti’s niece, told ABC7 that the family bought the old guy his favorite cake — a German apple ring cake — from King Kullen grocery store in Commack, New York.

After taking a few bites, Vallenti said the cake didn’t “taste right,” and then he started having stomach pains and later, diarrhea, according to the New York Post. Gold investigated and says he then saw what appeared to be a rat’s tail protruding from the confection.

“I flipped it over and saw the whole tail bleeding into the cake,” said Gold, who measured the tail at 5 inches long.

That long thing on top? Yeah, that would be the rat's tail
That long thing on top? Yeah, that would be the rat’s tail

Oh god, but it gets worse.

According to News 12 Long Island, upon further inspection, Gold also saw what appeared to be the head of a rat.

Gold’s lawyer, Ed Yule, has requested an investigation from the New York Department of Agriculture and Markets.

The grocery store has released a statement saying, “Product has been removed from the bakery and the premises has undergone a thorough inspection. There are no known safety or rodent issues in this bakery.”


Here’s the news report, its graphic.

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