‘Excuse Me, Are Those Horse Hooves You’re Wearing On Your Feet??’

These snakeskin stilettos are made from deer hooves and fur, and feature a pistol as the heel

*When does creativity cross the line you ask?

Oh, I dunno, maybe now.

Designer Iris Schieferstein has a lot of tongues waggin’ with her new works of art. With her taxidermy meets fashion idea, she designs shoes using the actual parts of dead animals.

Now before you go trying to justify this weirdness by saying people wear leather and snakeskin all the time – slow your roll, they don’t walk around wearing the animal’s entire foot!

But if Schieferstein has any say, even that may soon change.

“Creating the shoes is ugly work, taking the meat out is not nice, like any taxidermy,” says the designer.

Yet it doesn’t hold her back from designing them. In fact the artist made a custom pair for Lady Gaga last year.

No surprise there huh little monsters?

Guess what these are made of...
Hmm…Let’s see, what outfit would these horse hooves shoes go best with?

Initially, the designer acquired her um, materials, more organically, until the law of protection stepped in the way and stopped her. That’s when her butcher started hooking her up!

‘”When I began working with dead animals I would pick them up from the street. But they are protected by the government in Germany, and so after ten years they tried to put me in prison. Now I use my butcher.”

Now I ask you, reader, what “type” of person do you think wants to walk around with animal hooves on their feet?


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