Naked Man Attempts to Get On New Jersey Bus…After He Pees in Public, Of Course (Watch)

Naked man (blurred) tries to force his way onto a New Jersey bus.

*We see you as you sit there shaking your head. Heck, we even join you. The state of the world today has caused many people to… how shall I say, willingly step outside of reality. Check out. Take a mental break. But its what some decide to do in the process that leaves us spellbound.

Times are tough indeed.

In this story we witness a man who may have chosen to do so, albeit in broad daylight, by releasing his belt, and allowing his pants to drop to his ankles , right before our eyes. But it is what he chooses to in the process of his attempts to board a New Jersey bus that’ll really getcha’…

Insane people are always sure that they are fine. It is only the sane people who are willing to admit that they may be crazy.” –Nora Ephron

Heaven help us all.

First, a caveat: This article in no way posits itself to make light of mental illness.

Now back to the story:

People around and on board one NJ bus got an eyeful as an unidentified person stood butt-naked on Springfield Ave in New Jersey and peed in the middle of the street. This, just before banging on cars as they passed. This, just before attempting to be a passenger on the unfortunate bus that just happened to be at the wrong place…wrong time.

Witnesses say the man tried everything to get on the bus. He tried to anger the bus driver by sticking his naked butt in his face. And when that didn’t work he tried to take control of the bus. That didn’t work either.

The bus driver, who is still unidentified but deserves recognition, is hailed by onlookers and passengers as having true grace under fire while in the midst of this totally unexpected par for the course event.

Police eventually subdued the man, who was carried away on a stretcher.

Take a look at the incident via WABC-TV in the video below. You can file this under still SMH.

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