Black Juror Says Michael Dunn Trial Was About Justice, Not Race (Watch)

Juror #8 says race was never a factor in Michael Dunn trial and Verdict
Juror #8 says race was never a factor in Michael Dunn trial and Verdict

*After hearing African American Juror #8’s perspective on the trial and subsequent verdict that may serve as a blatant reminder of racial inequality and injustice in America, it is no wonder she was selected.

The jaws of black people in particular are still dropped at the comments recently made by Juror #8, who spoke with CNN recently, and pretty much called the case of the middle-aged white man who walked up to a car full of teenagers, presumably all black, saying their music was “too loud,” before he shot and killed one, was a colorblind case.

While she sat in on the trial, these same people must wonder if she actually heard the testimony that said this man, Dunn, had actually  sent letters to his family from jail stating that the prisons are full of blacks and that they wouldn’t behave like “thugs” if others shot them like he did?

The black folks may be asking themselves if juror #8 had sneezed during the part when a witness to this man’s racial hatred testified about the interview with Dunn’s neighbor, stating that Dunn made a series of remarks about how he was superior to other races and tried to have a person killed?

Juror #8, identified only as “Miles” below, spoke with CNN and said that anyone who felt that race was a factor in the trial is misinformed.

“I never once thought about, ‘Oh, this was a black kid, this was a white guy.’ Because that was – that wasn’t the case,” the juror said.

Maybe you didn’t lady, but what about the 11 others?

“So, for people who say, you know, here’s another white guy who got away with shooting and killing a black kid, what would you tell them?” the CNN reporter asked.

“I would tell them that they really should knowledge themselves on the law,” Miles replied.

“If this case wasn’t about race for you, what was it about?” she then asked her.

“It was about justice,” Miles responded.

As a juror, Miles says that she felt Dunn deserved to be convicted of second degree murder, and stands firm that the jury did the right thing by not coming back with a verdict.

What do you think?

Watch the interview of juror #8 below:


10 thoughts on “Black Juror Says Michael Dunn Trial Was About Justice, Not Race (Watch)”

  1. I have never heard a more ridiculous statement…wonder what she would say if it were her brother.

  2. Wow! Where the hell did she come from? How blind could she be. I actually thought she was a boy.

  3. This is why black ppl should become educated.
    She looks exactly like the type of person Dunn would target on the street.

  4. She is exactly the type that he would target, and she would. Think she deserved it! What a idiot

  5. She/he is being politically correct. In essence it wasn’t about race “the trial to a juror” because they are supposed to see it from an unbiased eye. However Dunn felt scared he claims because they were black. His claim which is false. He felt like most old white men, he can say whatever to these young guys because they were black. I asked myself if I was afraid of let’s say the Taliban, “Cause I’m dam sure ain’t scared of no one based on their race”, do you think I will come up to them in Iraq talking shit? prolly not. He was 1500 miles away from home with a gat fully loaded. Looking to buck in my opinion. But second degree would have gave him a conviction.

  6. dear black america, now u undastand y powers that b work so hard to undereducate the black youth of america especially in florida and s. car!!!!

  7. First I like to say “A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE. Now , I’m like everyone else on this board. Where in the hell did they find this #8 juror? I’m speechless as to what have come out of her mouth. Does she really need a fire with carosine draws lite under her. #Nig Please

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