Club Nouveau’s ‘Consciousness’ Features Chuck D and EUR’s Lee Bailey Too! (Listen)

(L-R) Samuelle Prater, Valerie Watson and Jay King
(L-R) Samuelle Prater, Valerie Watson and Jay King

*Don’t call it a comeback! But for months we’ve been hearing news about an upcoming album from Jay King’s Club Nouveau and I just got my hot little hands on the single of the album’s title track.

I excitedly clicked “play” on the title track, “Consciousness,” and as the familiar, earthy groove of the group I fondly remember starts to play I find myself thinking, “that man sounds familiar,” only to realize its the unmistakable voice of EURweb publisher and former broadcaster, Lee Bailey (scroll down to listen).

As it turns out, there a few nice surprises on the new music, including a guest appearance by none other than Chuck D.

“We’re not in any way form or fashion concerned about where the music business is or what people are talking about, as a matter of fact we’re probably on the other end of the spectrum because the music is reminiscent of the title, “Consciousness,” producer/performer Jay King told EURweb’s LaRita Shelby in an exclusive interview last year.

Always ahead of the consciousness curve, King is releasing “Consciousness” independently and the music will first be sold at Wal-Mart. King then wants to line up a distribution deal for the album to be sold at mom-and-pop stores and other outlets.

He says he feels upbeat about Club Nouveau’s chances to once again connect with audiences, especially given its cameos from Chuck D of Public Enemy and Chubb Rock, the old-school hip-hop favorite.

I think the song ‘Consciousness’ has a nice groove to it, and just wait until you hear the news report at the end. Think: John Lennon‘s “Imagine” has finally been manifested!

One can dream right?

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