‘Dumb’ Starbucks Coffe Shop? The Real Starbucks is Not Amused (Watch)

Dumb Starbucks*You might want to file this under really Dumb Ideas.

Last Friday a coffee shop in Los Feliz, California opened amidst little fanfare. They were passing out free coffee like it was going out of style.

But alas, it was all to celebrate the opening of their new store, which takes its famous name from the largest coffee chain in the world, and put the word “Dumb” in front of it and each of the beverages it offers.

While “Dumb Starbucks” is obviously having quite a laugh, the real Starbucks is trying to figure out how they are going to deal with it.

“It is not affiliated with Starbucks,” spokesman Zack Hutson told the Los Angeles Times.

The Seattle chain has more than 20,000 stores in 63 countries.

On the menu, posted via a Dumb Starbucks profile on Twitter that has four tweets and more than 5,000 followers: a “dumb Frappuccino,” a “dumb blond roast,” a “wuppy duppy latte” and more is offered.

Dumb Starbucks


“We are simply using their name and logo for marketing purposes. By adding the word ‘dumb’ we are technically ‘making fun’ of Starbucks, which allows us to use their trademarks under a law known as ‘fair use,’” a FAQ sheet posted inside the store explains the rationale of the mysterious owners.

Um…Not to sound dumb but, Starbucks legal team is checking into this. Check out the LA Times news room piece below and read the whole story at the Los Angeles Times.

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