You Know You Shouldn’t Own A Dog! Here’s 5 Reasons Why


*Some people just shouldn’t have dogs.  They’d be better off with a pet rock.

Case in point: My daddy.

When I was a little girl I had a dog named ‘Prince.’ He was a black mut. My siblings and I loved that dog so much, but we could do nothing to save poor Prince from my father, who obviously did not love him at all.

My father brought Prince to us for all the wrong reasons. This was in the 60’s, so people were not as persnickety about where they got their pets from…shelter vs breeder vs pet store; so I don’t know how this sweet dog came to us. But in time I grew to wish he hadn’t. My dad treated our dog badly. He never let Prince come in the house. The poor dog was chained to a backyard post, with little to no shelter during the hot New York summers and frigid New York winters. And we won’t even talk about feedings.

Our dog froze to death one winter and I never got over that. places people like my father under the heading of irresponsible. He was an irresponsible dog owner. He got the dog for all the wrong reasons; security against burglars being at the top of the list.

But this doesn’t necessarily clear the way to dog ownership  for those who are “genuinely good, caring members of society” as the article notes either.

They too, should be wary when deciding whether or not to bring a canine in their lives. offers 5 signs that should cause one to think long and hard before deciding to add a member of the pet persuasion to the family.

Here’s one I’ll call, “Daddy’s Motivation”

1. The Protector
“I want a dog to protect my home in case of a burglar.” If this is your sole reason for having a dog and you honestly will not have the time, dedication, and attention required to care for a pet, invest in a burglar alarm and/or home security system. Yes, many dogs will protect their human family in a break-in situation, but his or her sole purpose should not be just for protection. Those of you with dogs who are protecting, as long as the dog is loved, fed, and well cared for, more power to you.

2. The Slacker
“I will take the dog to the vet if I see he’s sick, but that’s it.” Please oh please invest in a houseplant if you feel this way. Dogs need year-round care and not just when physical symptoms exist. Often times physical symptoms surface only when an injury/ailment has advanced. If seeing the vet on a regular and/or as-needed basis doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, there are plenty of pet rocks looking for a good home.

The Bandwagon Jumper
“I just watched a dog show on television, and now I really want to get a _______ (insert dog breed here).”

This one causes me the most angst. Some of the most popular breeds are turned over in puppy mills for fast cash. Ask any of the folks who cherish the Dalmatian breed about how the numbers soared due to the popularity of 101 Dalmatians. It is both sad and tragic reality that the most popular breeds are also the most damaged. I always emit a sigh of relief when my favorite breed flies under the pop culture radar. If you want a dog because he seems “cool” on television or you think he would make a good addition to your family, do research first. Talk to credible folks who own that breed, read the background and history and any potential health problems. Visit a dog show and get first hand information from breeders who truly care about the sanctity of the breed.

And oh, there’s two more that you shouldn’t neglect either: Check them out at Yahoo Shine/Pet360 here.


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