‘Side Chicks’ Ain’t Complaining…They “get theirs and get out!”

Other Woman*Hmm…I wonder if Olivia Pope would agree with this?

According to iDateDaily.com, there is no worries in being the ‘other woman.’ As such, quite frankly, you don’t have to carry all the baggage that a main squeeze does.

In case you want the term “side chick” defined, according to the article 3 Reasons Why Side Chicks Are Settling For Second Place…And Lovin’ It, writer Patrice Danielle defines a side chick as a female who is involved in sëxual relations with a male who is in a committed relationship with another person.

In the article the writer realizes one might question why a woman would willingly place herself in this position of second place, but here’s her theory.

It sounds degrading, trifling, and just downright wrong. However, in a society where the idea of “every man for himself” becomes more widespread and the concept of a monogamous, traditional marriage becomes less and less popular with time, the side chick starts to prevail.

The writer comes up with 3 reasons why this “other woman” is no longer concerned with “Will he leaver her and choose me?” Instead, the new attitude says she is reveling in her own sense of satisfaction and having a great time at it!

Here’s one of the benefits she appreciates:

1) Convenience – It takes time to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with a significant other. Trust is a very important part of relationships and is established over time. Side chicks have the pleasure of not having to be concerned with the emotional stress behind opening themselves up to trust. They know their role in a clearly defined, simple sëxual relationship and not much is required of them. They get theirs and get out, avoiding any headaches.

Now check out the other 2 benefits here.

Are you “the other woman?” Do you agree with the article?

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