Whoa! American Apparel, Your New Lingerie Model is 62-Years-Old?

American Apparel new model

*Yes, this retailer has made some pretty controversial marketing moves over the years no doubt. What with printing T-shirts with giant va-jay-jay’s on them, and instead of offering compassion and sending well wishes when Hurricane Sandy came along and devastated nine states along the eastern seaboard in its wake, American Apparel made their tackiest move ever and  targeted the victims in those stricken states who were “bored” at home, according to Business Week saying, “In case you’re bored during the storm, just enter SANDYSALE at Checkout.”

And lest we forget that little ditty they introduced recently; the one where they showcased the mannequins in the window wearing…um…pubic hair?

Well, all I can say is this retailer keeps its marketing department busy; and whether you’re an American Apparel fan or not, you’ve just got to give them props for this latest campaign.Boasting the tagline “Sexy has no expiration date,” the retailer places 62-year-old “advanced” model Jacky O’Shaughnessy as the newest face of their lingerie line.

Apparently, the model has worked with AA before, in a role where she is actually wearing more clothes than she is now.

But the girl looks good!

I’ll go a step further and admit she puts a lot of the younger models to shame.

American Apparel made the announcement on their Facebook Page and a lot of the comments posted definitely supports their choice.

Hooray for being on point with this one, AA!

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