Is the Growing Success of Obamacare Being Downplayed?

obamacare-logo_full-620x502*OK, so the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare got off to a rocky start. Admittedly, no one was more embarrassed about that than its author, president Barack Obama.

After all, a lot was made of it in its preliminary talking stages; only to have it debut to a series of shortcomings, failures and setbacks. But things have since changed, and little has been said about its comeuppance. And make no mistake, Obamacare has come up!

In its initial implementation, the challenges frustrated those aiming to enroll. One survey found only one in five people were able to log on to the federal website,, without seeing error messages such as the one in the picture below; and a quarter of those who tried could not even create an account.

Obamacare website malfunction

Add to that, the Spanish-language version of the site was delayed.

And those were just the front-end problems.

But that’s all water under the bridge now and years from now, if the plan becomes extremely successful, the only thing memorable about its humble beginnings will be, well, nothing.

From a little-engine-that-could standpoint, the turnaround that’s now making the health plan a political and practical success story that’s gaining more momentum each day – is barely making the news.

What’s up with that?

Once dismissed as an abysmal failure, the growing success of Obamacare today looks a little like this according to theGrio:

Obamacare has hit 3 million enrollments, a sign the administration has turned the corner on the healthcare reform law.  And the White House has a fighting chance of meeting its initial goal of 7 million enrolled by the end of March.

And moreover, with the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, more than 6.3 million Americans are now eligible for Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP.  As many as 4 million new people signed up for Medicaid since October 1.  With millions of people who did not have access to healthcare or who could not otherwise afford it now having it, now that is what you call progress.

Meanwhile, with 60 days left for open enrollment in Obamacare, a new Associated Press-GfK poll finds more people are becoming comfortable with the health care law.  Negative perceptions of the rollout have decreased from 76 percent in December to 66 percent today.  And while 71 percent of people encountered problems on the health care website, those experiencing successes soared from 24 percent in December to 40 percent today.

So, while the plan still has a ways to go before it can make ‘out of the ballpark claims’ why have we not heard anything about the growing success it has made?

theGrio article has a theory you might be interested in. Find it and read more here.

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