Mario Toliver, Jr., 14, Surrenders for Alledged Murder of Sister in Oakland

mario-toliver-jr-justice-toliver*Mario Toliver, Jr. showed up at the Oakland Police station after being on the run for a week.

Toliver, 14, was accompanied by members of his family as he came to turn himself in for allegedly killing his older sister, Justice.

The siblings lived in a fifth-floor apartment they shared with their father and grandmother.

Claims that an argument had ensued between the brother and sister, over the way Justice did laundry, were shot down by young Toliver’s attorney; who offered no alternative explanation as to how the fatal event may have happened.

Mario Toliver, Sr. told the Oakland Tribune that his son was a good student who loved his sister. He also mentioned that his young son was a new dad himself.

The Toliver family hopes to raise $10,000 in online donations to pay for Justice’s funeral.

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