Dad Starved Teen Daughter to 68 lbs…Goes to Prison for 5 Years

Wisconsin man starved daughterSome people don’t even deserve to be parents.

Take this Wisconsin father who was convicted of abuse for starving his teenage daughter down to 68 pounds. Prison will now be his home for the next five years.

Thank goodness for the passing motorist who spotted the girl, aged 15 at the time, wandering the streets barefoot and half-dressed after she ran away from her family’s Madison home.

The person driving the car said the girl was so small and skinny that he thought she was only 8 years old, but a doctor later testified that the girl’s weight was equivalent to a 9½-year-old’s and she was as tall as an average 11½-year old.

The girl told investigators that for the past five years she had been confined to the basement of her family’s home. And although she begged for food, it was denied.

On top of that, the girl says she was beaten by her stepmother and her stepbrother repeatedly forced her to perform oral sex on him.

Read more of this heartbreaking story at Huffington Post.

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