Africa’s Gene Pool Being Tapped to ‘Diversify’ and Create ‘A New Race’

Africas biracial babies*Raise your hand if this seems kind of strange.

In an attempt to ‘diversify the gene pool’ of the Motherland, a new fertility company is seeking to offer African couples biracial babies through White donor sperm.

According to a website called Half-Caste Babies:

“We make racial integration possible not only by marriage but also by birth. Gone are the days when to give birth to a mixed race (half-caste) baby is only through interracial marriage. Now any couple, single woman etc. hoping to have a half-caste baby and thereby promote world integration can freely and easily have one.”

“This is the beginning of a new world of mixed race  and it all starts with just a simple but bold decision, giving birth to a mixed race baby through artificial means of conception. In this new world all that matters is LOVE and CARE,” they add.

Somehow, the mere design of babies to intentionally create a mixed race weakens that whole “…all that matters is love and care,” statement. After all, shouldn’t that be the case anyway, without the race-mixing?

The company, it is said, has plans to create “one people, one world.”

In an investigative article on,  Augustine N.K. Boateng was found to be the man behind the campaign (they had to dig, he did not outright reveal himself!). When Boateng was reached by telephone, he didn’t offer specific details as to why he began Half-Caste saying,

“I just started it and wouldn’t want to involve the media at this early stage.”

According to infoboxx, this is not his first go ’round with the whole ‘creating biracial babies’ thing. Apparently, for $3000 and up, Boateng has provided gametes (reproductive cells) from almost all nationalities including the UK and the US, depending on the process and the individual’s request.

An article does cite a Facebook post from Boateng, where he claims that his company is bringing Africa into the future.

“A new world has began and it is like the tide, you either swim along or get left behind. You too can be a blessing for the next generation,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, some Ghanaian people have questioned the rationale for such a venture.



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