Slow Your Roll! Painkillers May Not Be the Answer for Cold or Flu Symptoms!

Painkillers*Listen up! Did you know that painkillers taken to treat fevers could cause 2,000 flu deaths each year in the United States alone?

This, according to a report published recently at the Royal Society by researchers at Canada’s McMaster University.

For years you know we have been advised to “Take a pill and call me in the morning.” I don’t want to mention any names…or titles…but, you might want to think twice about that pill being a painkiller.

Although painkillers, such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen or aspirin, reduce fever and help patients feel better, they can make symptoms worse, according to the Washington Post, citing a new report.

On the other end, the study also shows that when some patients reduce their symptoms with cold and flu medications, they feel better and return to normal activities, but they are still infected. So even though patients feel better, they can still infect others.

An average of 41,000 people, most of them elderly, die of flu each winter in the U.S., the report says. Painkiller use, the report says, could mean 700 to 2,000 extra deaths per year, depending on the flu strain circulating.

Read more on this at NewsOne.

For more information on this season’s flu, click here to visit the Center for Disease Control website.

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