Death is Not Enough: New Bullet Designed to Make You Suffer First!

Bullet, RIP
Upon impact, this bullet, designed to inflict suffering, disperses nine needles throughout the target’s body.

*Well, there’s a new bullet in town and make no mistake, it means business.

G2 Research has just released the R.I.P. round.

I’m taking a wild guess here, but something tells me that a bullet designed to inflict intense suffering can’t be named Rest In Peace…more like, Go to hell.

The R.I.P. round is a very particular type of solid copper hollow point. Why copper? Because lead is too soft to maintain its structural integrity after impact, flattening out or folding over before spreading out to do exactly what the R.I.P. round was designed to do.

That being?

Split into a cone of nine piercing needles on impact, sending them far throughout the body of the target.

Therein lies the suffering!

OK, so you’ve been told. My work here is done. Now gun enthusiasts and others can go here to read more interesting facts about the RIP round.

And hear what they have to say about the name “RIP.”


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